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New maven-jars branch

Carl Marcum
Hi All,

I've added a maven-jars branch [1] for work on creating the Java UNO
library, javadoc, and source jars suitable for Maven repositories like
Apache Nexus, Maven Central, and Bintray.

I brought the work in PR #91 [2].

So far it will create juh (javaunohelper), jurt, officebean (bean), ridl
and unoloader (both in ridljar module) with the proper naming like:
jurt-4.5.0-jar, jurt-4.5.0-javadoc.jar, and jurt-4.5.0-source.jar

The artifacts are built with Ant called from gbuild during a build of
the office to main/solver/450/unxlngx6/workdir/Ant (on Linux anyway).

One piece of the puzzle I hope someone with build experience could help
with is how to get them from the Ant output location to being packaged
with office or SDK so they are approved with the release vote.

Last one that needs completed is unoil. This one is going to be a little
more challenging as it hasn't been updated to gbuild that I can tell.

This work required a new property 'aoo.ver' added to
main/solenv/ant/aoo-ant.xml (just like srcrelease.xml for packaging)
that's used for the version like '4.5.0'.
This means that we'll need to add file aoo-ant.xml and aoo.ver to
updateVersion.config [3] so it gets updated if this ever makes it to trunk.

I'm also interested to find out if this is workable with the SCons build
work or could be replaced by it.

I created bugzilla issue 128365 [4] to work against.



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