New project to be started - anybody interested in branding and visual design?

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New project to be started - anybody interested in branding and visual design?

Bernhard Dippold-2
Hi all,

sorry for cross-posting, but this is the only way I know to reach all
the relevant groups.

Please - DON'T use REPLY ALL when you reply to this mail!

Best follow up would be on [hidden email], otherwise stay on the
list you are subscribed to (I'll collect the replies) or use the talk
page of the wiki page mentioned below [1]

=== content starts here: === branding is not as consistent as it should be to have
optimal effects on recognition by the users and the feeling of belonging
together by community members.

To improve this situation, people from different OOo projects (Art,
Website, UX, Marketing...) are going to start a new project for
corporate branding and visual design.

This new project will try to combine the efforts done in several areas
(including the product, our website, marketing, documentation etc.) to
come to and support a general branding design for

Before we start the formal project proposal [2], we want to inform the
relevant groups about our effort and invite you to discuss everything
you'd like to be addressed on that topic.

Please have a look at the wiki page we created:

If anybody is interested in becoming part of this work, don't hesitate
to add yourself to the list at the bottom of the page [3].

Best regards





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