OCP: Ability to Open ODMA Documents

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OCP: Ability to Open ODMA Documents

Dennis E. Hamilton
I read your Issue 63808 with great interest:

I take it that you are able to Open ODMA Documents with the OCP, and there
is a bug in closing documents.

I have been unsuccessful in even having the OCP connect to the ODMA
Connection Manager at all.  Can you provide (1) a built OCP that works at
all and (2) installation/configuration instructions that have it work.  [I
and most others interested in ODMA do not generally have the means nor the
overall OO.o internals knowledge to build the single OCP from source.]

I want to be able to test it and also assist others in troubleshooting any
OCP they attempt to integrate their ODMA use of managed-documents with OO.o.

I am at a conference over the next eight days, but I will do whatever I can
to expedite this.

 - Dennis

Dennis E. Hamilton
AIIM DMware Technical Coordinator
mailto:[hidden email] | gsm:+1-206.779.9430
http://DMware.info http://ODMA.info/ http://TROSTing.org 

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