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Obama - a "Chicago School Democrat"

Daniel Carrera-2

Here is a very interesting and well researched article about Barack
Obama's view of economics. The article is a bit longer than most and you
can't summarize it in a few buzz words or a catch phrase. Indeed, much
of the point of the article is that Obama is not clearly a "liberal" or
a "conservative" but seems to tack some of the best from both sides.

If I tried to summarize the article, I'd say that Obama has a good
understanding of economics and that, while he aims to correct problems
that a free market does not seem able to solve itself (pollution, source
depletion, income inequality, health care), he always looks for
market-oriented ways to address these issues. So, Obama recognizes the
high efficiency of the capital markets and tries to not stifle it with
government control, while still addressing the specific points of
failure. Obama also seems to have a good idea of how to improve the US
economy while still accomplishing the other goals.

All in all, Obama seems to be a reasonable, pragmatic guy and his plans
seem to be soundly grounded on modern economic research. Anyways, I do
recommend that you read the article - especially if you are an American
voter. Also pass it along to any American voter friend.


I don't know whether Obama will win. As the article points out, his
plans are well researched and well supported by expert opinion, but it
may be difficult to convey to the American public who is more interested
in a few short catch phrases than in carefully thought-out analysis. The
article says that Obama is at least conscious of the problem.


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