Open Office Writer issue-fuzziness!

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Open Office Writer issue-fuzziness!

Don Minow

For many years I have been a user of the NeoOffice suite of applications and have been satisfied with their performance and operation.

I purchased a new iMac desktop this summer and have noted some incompatibilities with it and NeoOffice. I downloaded Apache Open Office version 4.1.4 and now use it as my everyday application for text and spreadsheets. The iMac is using IO S version 10.13.2/High Sierra

However, I have an open issue with OpenOffice Writer. When I enter data, after a few seconds the screen text becomes “fuzzy”, obscured and hard to read. In addition, I note numerous dim triangles in the margins and body of the screen text.  I can clear the "fuzzyness" by 'Selecting All'; the text becomes comes clear and legible.  However, the "fuzziness" returns after a few seconds.

I have searched the Open Office help screens and a early version of the users manual but I cannot find any reference to the cause and correction method to eliminate the fuzziness.

 Thanks in advance for your help.

Don Minow
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