Open Office base will not recognise and use JRE.

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Open Office base will not recognise and use JRE.

Juliet Blackburn
Dear Brian(and others who helped),

I have been using Java SE V1.4.2_03  - which I downloaded as I thought
it was a 32 bit version.   I will download the one you suggested  (ie.
Jre8u161-windows-i586,exe), if you think it will solve the problem, but
I suspect it won't.   I have now tried starting Office Base totally from
scratch - pretending that I am starting a new database and I then go
straight to Tools, options, Java and I get exactly the same problem.  I
wish I could show you a screen dump, but it says "The connection to the
data source "New database2" could not be established.  No Java
installation could be found. Please check....".

When I try my existing database (which I admit was originally an Access
database) and I go to Tools, options, Java,  it will not populate it and
the "Use a Jave runtime environment" is ticked.  Underneath that it says
"Java runtime environment (JRE) already installed".

This is driving me crazy as I cannot use the database that I have
created - neither print it, or export it to another system!  I have
uninstalled and installed plenty of versions of Java to fix the problem.

Best wishes,


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