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OpenOffice 2.0 vs Microsoft Office

Gregory Forster
I had to send this in.  I was just grinning from ear to ear.

My 20 year old son is in his second year in college. He had a partial
PowerPoint presentation on his USB drive.   He said all the projectors
were reserved Friday so they have to transfer their PowerPoint
presentation to transparencies for overhead projectors. I told him to
come into my office.  He was absolutely amazed at how much OpenOffice
2.0 Impress looked like his Microsoft Office 2003 PowerPoint.  He was
also amazed at how easily Impress read his PowerPoint presentation.  He
knew more of how to work Impress than I did!  "You mean I can make PDFs
out of my PowerPoint," he asked?  Yup.  He told me that it was
considerably cheaper where he was going to go to have the transparencies
made to have a PDF file rather than a PowerPoint file.  Then I took him
to the OpenOffice web site. That too was an eye opener.  I can easily
say that he was very impressed with OpenOffice and saw M$O 2003 as "not
as hot as so many claim."


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