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Bruce D'Arcus
FYI, David Wilson put up a wiki page to come up with suggested  
enhancements to the OpenOffice bibliographic API.


I'm trying to find out about Microsoft's new citation and  
bibliography API, but am not finding any details; just this:


... which says:

> New members in the Word 2007 object model, such as the Bibliography  
> object in both the Application object and the Document object,  
> allow you to work with bibliographies and citations programmatically.

Not much help though.

It seems to me off-hand, though, that the job of the citation API is  
to hand-off IDs to the citation processor and insert the proper  
formatted text that it returns. Likewise for the bibliographic API.

To quote Oliver Sprecht [1]:

> [22:38:50] <oliverspecht> You're loading your data -  
> bibliographical data. We are loading the textual representation of  
> the fields and the bibliographic index.

In any case, we need to nail down this bit in a reasonable time. Feel  
free to contribute.


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