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Glenn Little WB4UIV
I have a cell that has about 140 characters in it.
This cell was imported as were a lot of others from a text document.
When I attempt to delete a part of the cell text by highlighting it, I
cannot select cut from the dialog box to allow me to cut the part of the
cell that I want to delete.
I can copy this entire cell to another without problems.
The selected text will turn blue when I place the cursor in the cell to
highlight it.
I can highlight the text that I want to delete ans backspace over it
with no problems.

Is this a bug in the code that occurs only when certain conditions exist?

I can provide the tab from the spreadsheet if it will help.

Thank you
Glenn Little

Glenn Little                ARRL Technical Specialist   QCWA  LM 28417
Amateur Callsign:  WB4UIV            [hidden email]    AMSAT LM 2178
"It is not the class of license that the Amateur holds but the class
of the Amateur that holds the license"

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