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Peter Kovacs-3
Hi all,

I have a Point on Interest List on Cwiki (Confluence) [1] where I tried
to collect all stuff that popped up. Goal was always to have some sort
of Overview, and not forget stuff. I did not maintain it well, and it
did not made things easier for me.

I have now moved now to trello [2], in hope it changes my view, and
simplifies the additional management.

Currently I have mostly link to bugs, that popped up. I have some topics
we discussed added.

I try to add more informations to the cards. I think it could help to
add discussions, and Wiki Article and other resources in hope they add a
better access to what is in our focus. My hope is that the board can be
establish as advertisement board which can be used to give new comers
some lead where to dive into.

The board is public, can be found by (google) searches. Currently I
focus with the board on core "business". So only OpenOffice code related
stuff is entered. I have not mentioned stuff from our Infrastructure
topics. I am still trying experimenting and trying out. At the moment I
prefer trello to Jira, due I do not want to copy a bug tracker. I just
in need of an overview resource.

The list is still quite incomplete, even on actual activities. I just
moved more or less the Issues that are piling up.

I invite any OpenOffice Volunteer to join the board on request. This
should not be mandatory tool set. You can also just post something to
the dev List. I will try to do the sync.

Hope this is a step in the right direction, from a management direction,
preserving our DNA and be more accessible for everyone.

All the Best




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