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The primary list for important, community-wide announcements. For major release notifications, major new projects, important documentation releases, and so on. This is not a discussion list, and is not open to public posting. Traffic is expected to be very low, of the order of fewer than ten messages per month. If you're interested in, it is recommended you subscribe at a minimum to this list. 222 224
by marcus
For questions relating to the use of (the application). A very popular and effective list. This list is in English. For non-English help resources, see the 'Native-Lang' project lists below. 29516 121857
by Rory O'Farrell
This list provides a general entry point for developers; it is also strongly urged that all developers subscribe to this list for announcements, etc. If you are unsure which project fits your needs best, ask for redirection here. But do not expect user discussions or support. Rather, discussions are focused on the development of the technology. 12120 56006
by Dr. Michael Stehmann...
The list is discussion of translation and other aspects of localization, for both the OpenOffice product, as well as documentation and the website. 1428 6705
by Czesław Wolański
The list is for bug reports, quality assurance for release, beta tests, manual test, automated tests, etc. 905 3145
by Marcus (OOo)
This is where the community discusses marketing, branding, communications, event planning and related activities. 387 1759
by Kadal Amutham
This list is for application developers and other interested in scripting, macros or developing OpenOffice extensions.
273 965
by Mike McClain
openoffice - projects home is here. 40759 94669
by Karius_95
This is a new and fairly funky permanently off-topic list for those who love talking about everything else. 50 435
by support
This list is intended for discussions on and Open Source, NOT for questions regarding the use of the suite. 3477 13532
by Rob Weir
This list serves as a medium to synchronize our efforts for building, testing, and publishing milestone/snapshot builds. For general roadmap discussions please use 2152 7550
by Andrea Pescetti
The primary list for announcements of new features in 673 693
by erack
Changes to C++/Java Interfaces are announced on this list. Developers from higher-level projects have to act by changing their code on incompatible modifications accordingly. Other messages may be for informational purposes only. This is not a discussion list, and is not open to public posting. 399 431
by stephan.bergmann
Proposals for changes to C++/Java Interfaces are discussed here. Developers from other projects using your interface will provide feedback regarding their current usage, feasibility, timeframes, alternatives or just give you a go according to our guidelines. 97 438
by Mathias Bauer