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As you probably know there is an enhanced version of
called Premium.
You can download from here:
(for Linux and Windows in English and Hungarian)

It contains many different templates. With version 2.0.3 I started
organizing these templates in the default categories:
officorr -> “Business Correspondence”
offimisc -> “Other Business Documents”
personal -> “Personal Correspondence and Documents”
forms -> “Forms and Contracts”
finance -> “Finances”
educate -> “Education”
layout -> “Presentation Backgrounds”
presnt -> “Presentations”
misc -> “Miscellaneous”

layout for Impress backgrounds, presnt for Impress prewritten presentations.

Can someone organize English templates to me? I am uploading the zip
file (with templates and empty folders) here:

I also would like to build German version of, so I need
help to arrange German language version of templates. I used the
original extras CD and OOoPR-box compilation. The
collected German templates are going here:

So can you contribute this for next Premium?

KAMI fanatic ;o)

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