Oracle Report Builder working with AOO 4.1.5?

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Oracle Report Builder working with AOO 4.1.5?

Girvin Herr-2

A while back, I read in this forum that the Oracle Report Builder 1.2.1
does work with AOO 4.1.5, despite the opposite indications on the
extensions website. Is this still true?

The extensions website shows this as a 75%/25% working/not-working
rating from the users. However, this page is still very old and may not
be the latest response. Even so, 75/25 is not all that great.

I have been using LibreOffice for reports, but I recently discovered
that LO will no longer copy-paste a report, so I could edit it
without modifying the original. This LO failure may not be a
show-stopper to my work flow, but it does hinder my productivity a lot.
I am in search of an alternative/backup for this function, so I thought
I would try AOO report building again.

Girvin Herr

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