[PUBLIC TALK] request for input for my talk "Apache OpenOffice - project status and release 4.0"

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[PUBLIC TALK] request for input for my talk "Apache OpenOffice - project status and release 4.0"

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann

sorry for cross-posting - I want to reach all of you almost directly.
Please reply to [hidden email].

I will give a talk on a German conference about Apache OpenOffice in mid
April 2013 in Berlin. I had already mentioned this German conference in
an earlier post [1]. The conference is about free office suite, mainly
focused on Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice, and the OpenDocument file
The title of my talk is "Apache OpenOffice - project status and release

In the first part I will present the continuation of the project at
Apache and the actual project status. Some general remarks on the
project structure and processes ("The Apache Way") will be included, I
think. The main purpose of this part is to demonstrate how well
OpenOffice evolves at Apache since the change the project had suffered
in mid 2011. This will strengthen the confidence/trust in the project.

The second part is about our planned 4.0 release. The intention of this
part is to show how active the development of the product and the
project is by talking about the changes and improvements we had made/are
making for our planned 4.0 release.

Now my _big_ request to you _all_.
I am only one person and I have more or less a developer view on the
product and the project. E.g., I am not active on all our mailing lists.
On certain areas I have no deep insight.
Thus, please provide me with information about the stuff that is going
on in your area of interest.
What are the key milestones which you had achieved for the project?
What are your contributions for our coming 4.0 release?
[If wanted I can name the corresponding contributor(s) in the
presentation document.]
The talk's length is 45 min. (30 min talk, 15 min Q&A) - I am able to
fill the presentation with the stuff I know, but I strongly believe that
in this case certain important stuff and details about the
product/project will missing.

I will collect all your input and I will fill a wiki page with the
summarized information. My presentation document will of course be
available for further usage. If the presentation document will not be
created at the last minute, I will also provide drafts of it for review
and feedback.

I am looking forward for your input.


Big Thanks in advance,

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