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Using Windows 10-64 on a desktop DELL; and AOO413m1(Build:9783) -  Rev.
2016-09-29 02:39:19


I have an AOO-Calc sheet set for landscape orientation. I have set the
row height for Optimum Row Height since several cells have multiple
lines of text data. The first seven rows are repeated at top of each
printed page.

Am having difficulty getting the height of each page to be equal, after
moving the Blue page break line up/down while in View | Page Break
Preview mode. Is there a method to configure each page to be a
specified, consistent, and equal height, i.e., equal number of rows? Is
there a feature for setting page height to Optimum Page Height?

I would also like to have, e.g., five or ten, empty rows appear at the
bottom of each printed page, so that I may manually hand write in new
data to that particular printed page for later incorporation/revision to
the sheet.  Would I use the repeat rows feature in this case? If so,
when using Format | Print Range | Edit, can multiple ranges of
rows-to-be-repeated be implemented: how? Or, is a Footer, containing
five or ten empty rows, required here?



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