Printing Envelopes, Sent, Friday. 2-9-18.

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Printing Envelopes, Sent, Friday. 2-9-18.

Hi, I just bought a new Brother All in one Printer.

Model # (L8900cdw), and it works
Fine but I can't find out how to

Print Envelopes?. Now, when I
Had my Epson ink jet printer

There was no problem, but I can't
Seem to find the Option now

With the new printer too print

And I believe I have version 4.1.5.
Can you take me by the hand, and

Help me figure out what I am doing

Thanks so much, and I look forward too your response.

Don G Dardanelli
1168 Pembridge Dr.
San Jose, California. 95118

PH: (408-202-4624)
E-Mail: ([hidden email]).

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