Promoting the AOO 3.4.1 Refresh

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Promoting the AOO 3.4.1 Refresh

Rob Weir
It looks like we'll be releasing a "respin" or "refresh" of Apache
OpenOffice 3.4.1 later this month with additional language support.
Expected are:  Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, Polish, Basque,
Asturian and Scottish Gaelic.

I'd like to quickly discuss what we can do to help promote this
release when it occurs.

The default coverage is something like this, all in English:

1) Post to the dev, users, and announce list.

2) Mention in the forums

3) Mention on our Facebook Twitter and Google+ page.

4) Blog post.

Is that what we want, or can we do more?  IMHO, doing more will
require additional help from our translators, but it could include:

1) Preparing some Twitter, Google+ and Facebook announcements,
localized into these 8 languages, so we can post those.

2) Translation of the blog post announcement, or even the original AOO
3.4.1 announcement

3) Reach out to native language bloggers, tech journalists or other
key parties, to make them aware of the release. This might lead to
interviews, etc.

4) Spreading the news via native language forums

Any other ideas?

I'm really interested in knowing from you, the native speakers, what
the best strategy would be for spreading the news on your translation.