Proofing Tool GUI 3.0 - Build 76 - It now saves .idx (Thesaurus) files

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Proofing Tool GUI 3.0 - Build 76 - It now saves .idx (Thesaurus) files

Marco A.G.Pinto

Today I have released build 76.

I have added .idx support, which means that while saving a Thesaurus (.dat) it also creates an .idx .

I know I have been trying to do it for several months or even a year, but the php script people told me about was very hard to understand.

I also lacked free time because of my two jobs and PhD.

Today I received an e-mail of a person asking me about .idx support and I replied that in August (the university is closed so I will only have one job then) I would probably have free time.

But, I decided to give it a try today and in around 10-15 minutes it was done although I only tested it with the pt_PT Thesaurus... Alexandro Colorado has said several times that I was a lazy ass and he was right  :-(

Please give it a try:


PS->To the guys complaining that every month an update tip appears on the top right of AOO,
        that happens because I update the English dictionaries monthly (so, every month a new release
        comes out and everyone gets a notification in AOO).

Kind regards from your friend,
     >Marco A.G.Pinto