[Proposal]FOSDEM 2018 talk idea: the future of Apache openOffice

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[Proposal]FOSDEM 2018 talk idea: the future of Apache openOffice

Peter Kovacs-3
Hello all.

I thought maybe we could have a talk on FOSDEM about the future of this project.
May be we have 4.2.0 out or we are about to release.

Since we are there in person and the thing gets recorded, I believe the visibility is quite good. (The topic as such will pull in people I guess)

So I propose a talk were all from our list attend and present some goals for 2018.
Maybe start with something general (where we see our Project, what is our general technical intend, what does open source mean to us?)
To some general goals ( what is the focus for 2018)
Maybe break down to one or to BZ issues that can stand exemplary for 2018.

Since not all from the list show up, it would be cool if those who attend can represent the list.
What do you think of this?

All the best

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