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[Pull request review] 17 open requests

Peter Kovacs-3
Hello all,

we have 17 open pull requests. And more will come. I am preparing
another module fix. So no time to rest. Maybe all small stuff, and quick
wins, but if they do not make it then what will?

Carl jumped at the first test. Thanks for that. I hope that maybe more
will join the review.

Even if you have only little time, Pick one and try. -> All tries are
good. I have made an overview to ease the selection. For starters it
maybe good if we collect not only one feedback for each pull request but

If you have issues then open up a new topic with your issue!

Here is our [testing] backlog:

Code Review

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/85     (line change +13 / -11)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/82    (line change is off
because my scon branch has code changes from trunk :/  the only real
change is I added main/site_scons/platform/linux.py

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/83    (line change +276 −276)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/84 (line change +3 −0)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/32 (line change +1 −1)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/31(line change +1 −1)

Comment Review

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/86    (line change +34 −40)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/29     (line change +3 −0)
(maybe done, Andrea had a review. So final test if it builds and go?)

some xst stuff?

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/12 (line change +3 −3)

Help files review

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/76 (line change +274 −290)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/80 (line change +101 −317)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/75 (line change +82 −91) maybe
interesting for translation focused folks, too.

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/28 (line change +1 −1)

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/24 (line change +1 −1)

translations extension:

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/30    (line change +349 −0)

GUI change

https://github.com/apache/openoffice/pull/15 (line change +1 −0 )
(approved by carl, ready for merge?)