[RELEASE]: release schedule/preparation and start voting for AOO 3.4.1 repin

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[RELEASE]: release schedule/preparation and start voting for AOO 3.4.1 repin

Jürgen Schmidt-3

our plan was to release AOO 3.4.1 on Jan. 24th. I think I have forgot to
start the necessary vote in time and plan to do this tomorrow now.
According to this plan think of the following release plan to vote, make
the bits available, prepare announcements, prepare the download page
(update for new languages), ...

1. start vote on Jan 23th and inform infra about the planned release
2. provide the bits after the final vote on Jan. 26th, I will do that late
on Saturday becasue I am traveling to he US
3. inform infra and SourceForge about the release and wait at least 24
hours for synchronizing the mirrors, I would say until Tuesday (Tuesday is
always a good day for an announcement)
4. in the meantime prepare an announcement and have it in place for
Tuesday, Jan 29th
5. the same for the adapted download page
6. put the changes live and fire up the announcement, share the news via
all channels
7. adapt the update mechansim to support the new languages
8. start counting the downloads ....
9. being proud of a further release and thank our translation volunteers

10. continue towards AOO 4.0
11. invite further translation volunteers, QA and developers  to join AOO
and make 4.0 a further success and available in more languages

Ok 10. and 11. will have some time and a lot of work is in front of us but
it will happen ;-)

Sorry that I forgot the vote in time and we have to postpone the release
until next week.