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[RISK?] FW: Daily/Nightly builds for Windows?

Dennis E. Hamilton-2
[BCC PMC and QA Lists. This is a serious topic for dev@ community discussion.]

Can we have some visibility on this, please?

The last aoo-win7 ASF Buildbot success was on 2015-07-28.  Thereafter, the Buildbot reported exceptions until 2015-10-03.  There have been no reports at all from that Buildbot since.

For 4.1.2, the only current builds were the Release Candidates.  This left very little time for QA testing, with each new RC required retesting to some degree.  Those were very short windows.

This also means that the only way to verify anything about Windows functions by developers, QA, and anyone else is to have the personal means and the computer capacity to do development builds, matching the build parameters and other dependencies used for release builds.  Isn't that too select and narrow for the attention that is required?  

This seems to be at least a quality risk.

There is also a question of exactly what the present capability and capacity is in contrast to what is required to support continuous integration of Windows builds.

 - Dennis

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> From: Pedro Lino [mailto:[hidden email]]
> Sent: Friday, December 4, 2015 03:58
> To: [hidden email]
> Subject: Daily/Nightly builds for Windows?
> Hi all
> Now that 4.1.2 is out and development is again active, I believe it
> would
> be good to have the Apache OpenOffice buildbots releasing daily binaries
> for Windows as well?
> This has been broken long before the 4.1.2 RC stage but maybe now
> someone
> could give some love to the buildbot?
> With nearly 1 million downloads per day for the Windows platform alone,
> I
> believe that it would make sense to make sure that AOO is improved and
> that
> any regressions are detected early.
> Best regards,
> Pedro

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