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Re: Can't open or recover file in Documents

Keith N. McKenna
On 6/12/2018 4:31 PM, Mark wrote:
> Hello, Two problems:
> 1. Yesterday when I called up a rich text file in Documents, I got
> gibberish (###### repeated over five pages). How can I recover the
> contents, which were fine two days ago?

Basically your file has been corrupted.See the following Tutorial on
the forum for suggestions to help recover all or part of the file. Also
some tips to help avoid the problem.

> 2. Today when I tried again, I can't even call up any rich text file.
> However, I can call up PDF files, though I can't do anything to those
> files.

Are the rich text files corrupted in the same way as above? If not are
you getting any error message when you try to open them. As for the PDF
It sounds like you have the extension installed to open PDF files but I
suspect that what appears as test is actually an image that cannot be

> Also, is there a phone number for technical support?

No there is no phone number. Apache OpenOffice is an open source project
run entirely by volunteers.
I have cc'd you as you are not subscribed to the mailing list at
[hidden email]. Please respond only to the list so that all
can benefit from the discussion. Any replies received at my personal
account will be forwarded to the list.


> Thank you, Mark Zeligman

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