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Peter Kovacs-3
Hi Driss,

Welcome back! Any effort is appreciated! And it is realy great that you
are willing to invest as much hours as you do.

Do not feel limited by my speed. If you know what you want to do feel
free to act.
Kay Shenk is on the toppic of Automated test, too. Assuming that you are
thinking in the same direction I would very much appreciate it if you
could coordinate your activities with him and form a team.
I think we can do this on an equal level.

Please utilize the list in case more people want to join. Thanks a lot!

All the best

On 13.01.2018 12:57, Driss Ben Zoubeir wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> my name is Driss from Munich. I started before 3 years as Volounteer
> in Open Office community and successfully solved some bugs.  But
> because of some Reason I was not able to continue.
> Now I have about 3hours or even more per Week to Help with Testing.
> I already have some basic knowledge on Testing: Google Test, Unity,
> Google Mock, CMock, Tessy..
> I would appreciate if you can Help me to start contributing on Testing.
> Best regards
> Driss

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