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Harold Fuchs-6
On 08/08/2008 11:54, François Collard wrote:

> I have just discovered the format change of Ooo-dev spell checkers
> when I installed the last developer version.
> I uninstalled it and went back to c300m22. This evolution is dangerous
> for OpenOffice: I began to use it because it allowed me to install a
> free Latin spell checker. Now I use la_VA, found on this page:
> But you can see that they also developed an MS Office spell checker,
> which is much better than the OpenOffice version. As you write it, all
> spell-checkers writers will not be able to convert them to the new
> format.
> There was a true problem with spell checkers in OpenOffce. Why did
> every new installation erase the former one? It would have been easier
> to keep the former ooo directory without change, if existing. I don't
> understand the reason of this complete mutation. Do you?
> Thanks.
> François Collard.
No. Perhaps someone on this list can supply you with an explanation.

Harold Fuchs
London, England
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