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Stephen Cox
Dear Apache,
My son (he runs support for Mode7games) told me off for not giving you
enough detail, sorry.
This laptop runs Vista (is that the problem?). Windows update is on. I use
OpenOffice and have updated to Apache OpenOffice 4. I found the extension by
clicking the extension jigsaw piece on the OpenOffice front page. I chose
the OpenOffice 4 version of the extension (Oracle PDF Import Extension) and
it does not offer any versions for different Windows so the choice is pretty
straightforward. So downloading it is OK, and unpacking it. I just need help
installing it/getting it to run. Where can I find user information for that
Oh and I filed it in C:\Program Files\OpenOffice 4\Extensions\OCR
(Extensions and OCR are new folders I made specially for this).
Is it even the right software for what I want to do? I want to edit a
document my wife made initially in Word, then she hand drew some diagrams
onto a printout and scanned it into a pdf. I want to do a bit more editing
to prepare it for the editor, so initially I thought I could rescan it into
our own scanner, an HP3050 J611a, but I could not find how to access OCR
with it, it might not be offered, which is a bit strange, so I then thought
to see if OpenOffice could help, can you?
Stephen D Cox
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How can I get the PDF OCR extension to run? I downloaded it, unzipped it and
looked for how to install it. NO INSTRUCTIONS FOUND. Tried the only exe file
I could see, xpdfimport.exe , but NOTHING HAPPENED. Tried restarting this
laptop and tried again, but still nothing. Looked for text file user guide
but none found.
Why don't you make it possible for an ordinary guy to use this?
I'm trying to edit a document my wife has written for our local paper and
want to get it in to the editor before deadline. Please help.
Stephen D Cox

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Re: Extension does not run

Andreas Säger
Hi Stephen,


Are we talking about this one? Yes?

With a working browser (no Microsoft Internet Explorer) this link leads
me to a downloaded file named "ocr-1.4.0.oxt" which is a zip file indeed
but with ".oxt" as file name suffix. I can simply double-click that file
in order to install this extention.

Since you seem to use a broken internet browser which constantly renames
downloads for no good reason other than beeing zip archives, you can
install the downloaded and renamed "" like this:

Option a): Rename the to ocr-1.4.0.oxt and double-click.
Since MS Windows since 1995 hides well known name suffices for no good
reason, you may prefer
Option b): Office-menu:Tools>Extension Manager... button [Add...] and
point to the downloaded file however it is named. You may even install
it via File>Open...

Remove the files you unzipped manually. They don't do anything at all.

The aforementioned "no good reasons" basically relate to the matter of
fact that MS fights an undeclared war on the hard disks of their customers.


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