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Ramon Sole <[hidden email]> typed:

> Hi *,
> there's lots of discussions about TDF and OOo on the lists
> those days.
> I saw that some people in TDF talk as if the "Community"
> were now TDF, and OOo were just Oracle employees. That's
> not true at all.
> I don't work for Oracle, and I intend to keep contributing

> Anyway OOo is going to lose some of their members, so I
> think it's a good time to show that a lot of people who are
> not involved with Oracle is not going to switch to the TDF
> and we will keep our support to OOo. We need to make clear
> is much more than just Oracle.


> So, I am with I hope I wasn't the only one.
> :-)
> Greetings,
> Ra
> PS: Don't conclude from my message that I'm against TDF. I
> sincerily hope the fork had a good product in the future.
> But I think they have a hard way ahead. They will need a
> strong support from Novell, Red Hat and others, much
> stronger than the support those companys have yield to OOo
> before. And they will need to hire a lot of good
> programmers, let me doubt if they will get that, as that
> means a lot of money.

Thanks for the post: I've been trying to follow this saga and sort some of
it out, even having subscribed to TDF and LibreO groups. I have a lot of
questions that only seem to have the vaguest of answers available but I've
refrained from asking the questions yet because there's a lot of dust to
settle out from the looks of the TDF and Libre groups. The snip below is
from ZDNet and seems to at least intimate that Oracle is going to pull OOo
completely in under its own wing. I've seen rumblings of the same thing at
Oracle but nothing, including this SDNet snip have any "dependable" data.
I'm not even sure, for instance, whether the CMS they mention is about the
apps or about their own website.

Would anyone care to comment/elaborate on what the architecture/layout of
these programs are and who is working on what? Blankenhorn isn't the best
journalist on the planet by a long shot.

======= From ZDNet this AM =======
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                              ... | Oct 20, 2010 8:16:58 AM

Oracle purging community council

            Dana Blankenhorn: If the meetings of last week's community
council meeting, posted by dissident members, is to be believed, is no longer a community endeavor, but entirely a corporate

            Tue Oct 19 12:24:58 PDT 2010
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