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On Sat November 5 2005 14:39, + Mark wrote:

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> I'm using windows XP and have previously installed older versions of
> Open Office. However, since my last install I upgraded my hard drive,
> which I think may be causing problems. When I go to install V2.0, the
> installer fails when it can't find the uninstall program for V1.9. I've
> searched for the file it's looking for and I can't find it either. I
> tried to manually remove V1.9, but I can't remove all the files and the
> 2.0 installer is still looking for the 1.9 uninstaller. Any suggestions?
> Can I reinstall V1.9125 on the new hard drive? I couldn't find that
> download anywhere and I didn't save it from the previous install.

As you are not subscribed you may not have seen that:
On Sat November 5 2005 19:50, G. Roderick Singleton wrote:
> You could try

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