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Brian Barker-2
At 14:07 22/07/2019 +0100, Doris Grundy wrote:
>4 column word type document in landscape format, I designed this
>format so I could write the most efficient (lyrics to songs) per
>page but unfortunately when I come to print it out the printer turns
>it back to 3 column portrait is this the printer or my computer or open office?

You may be suffering from Microsoftitis. In products such as
Microsoft Word, page orientation is a printer setting, but in
OpenOffice it is - more sensibly in my estimation - treated as an
aspect of the page style, set at Format | Page... | Page | Paper
format | Orientation. I'm guessing that you will have set this
correctly, as otherwise you would not be seeing your four columns
correctly in the editing display.

But you still need to tell your printer that you need the document
printed in landscape orientation. You do this at File | Printer
Settings ... | Properties..., or alternatively on the fly at File |
Print... | General | Properties... .

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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