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Re: Minor thesaurus problem with antonyms

Why not use for all dictionaries the same terminology in one language (for example, and probably best, in English):
 (adj)|albescent (similar term)|light (related term)|light-colored
 (related term)|black (antonym)

Use the term antonym, similar term, related term, etc...
If dictionary maintainers know this rule, since it will be documented, they will use it.

At present, the application (Oo) would work only for the English dictionary  well, later for all.

Am Donnerstag, 26. November 2009 09:44:47 schrieb Thomas Lange - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg:

> Hi all,
> Currently I'm implementing thesaurus entry (i.e. synonym list sub menu,
> see issue 51258) in right click context menu and stumbled upon a minor
> issue that I can't solve. Basically everything is already as it should
> be apart from this:
> If a click on 'white' then 'black' is listed among the synonyms.
> That is, if the antonym is found early in the list of synonyms it will
> be displayed as well. This happens because the first entry for 'light'
> in the thesaurus dictionary looks like this:
> (adj)|albescent (similar term)|light (related term)|light-colored
> (related term)|black (antonym)
> since the explanation within in the parenthesis are all language
> depended, or more precisely dictionary dependend, I'm missing a working
> way to properly identify the antonym.
> Thus it seems this problem can't be fixed unless I get a complete list
> for the strings used for antonyms in each language where a thesaurus is
> available. And even that is a solution I do not particularly favor since
> it is likely to break sooner or later either because of new introduced
> languages or typos in the dictionary.
> Does anybody have other ideas to solve this?
> If not, it seems about the only thing we can do is to remember that a
> future thesaurus format (and maybe an extended API) need to take care of
> the problem by allowing for language independent identification of the
> antonyms.
> Regards,
> Thomas

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