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Carsten Driesner
Greg Oros wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> I was reading Groklaw and the discussion about the Novell proposed
> contribution of an XML translator.  There have been comments that this
> translator would make it unnecessary to switch from MS Word to Open
> Office.  I was countering with the point that if this translator is free
> of infringing code, that it would make unnecessary for me to buy MS Word
> 2007, and I could stick with Open Office, since Open Office currently
> supports all MS documents I've received on Win XP, Linux and Mac OS.  
> However the question arose in my mind, how well does Open Office work on
> Vista?
> I tried looking at the projects and could not find any reference to
> Vista or Longhorn.
Hi Greg,

You can find more information about "Vista Readiness" here:


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