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Kay Schenk-2

On 09/22/2015 12:14 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On one side it seems that we are accumulating a lot of stuff
> for 4.1.2, way more than what we would normally put in a
> x.y.2 release. On the other side, there are many reasons for
> releasing 4.1.2 reasonably soon.
> So it is time to shift focus from "what to include in 4.1.2"
> to "what is still missing to get 4.1.2 distributed".

Generally, this seems good to me. (copied QA on this reply.)

> This means:
> - QA: Do all QA people have access to development builds
> where they can verify fixed bugs? Do you believe that a
> better communication is needed here? If QA needs to be
> "reactivated" somehow I can surely provide all needed
> information, list of bugs and so on.
> - Building: it was very good to see that Juergen is still
> able to build on the same infrastructure used for 4.1.1.
> That is the safest choice for the time being. If we can
> agree on a date for the binary builds,  we can minimize the
> effort on Juergen's side and try to get OpenOffice 4.1.2
> released with one, or two, Release Candidates (including the
> one we actually release). Builds from the buildbots or from
> Michal's new environments are viable and welcome
> alternatives, and I would make this the primary option for
> next versions, but they would take more time now.

This sounds reasonable. Hopefully a decision on what
critical "release blockers" to include can be made soon.

> - Other pre-distribution tasks like Release Notes and web
> pages: I assume we are well-covered here, seeing also the
> people who already volunteered in
> Everything that is left out from 4.1.2 is not lost, and will
> find place in another release, which (seeing the recent
> progress on trunk) could actually be a 4.2.0 rather than a
> 4.1.3, and which hopefully won't take that long to prepare.
> But this is another story. We should now focus on what is
> left to get OpenOffice 4.1.2 distributed.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

Sounds good.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins
 with a single step.”
                          --Lao Tzu

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