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Toralf Lund
Terry North wrote:

>Toralf Lund <toralf <at>> writes:
>>How do you select language for the current document in OOo 2.0? The
>>version 1.x way of doing it, i.e. to use "Default language" setting in
>>Options...>Languages->Language Settings with "For the current document
>>only"  selected, does not seem to be supported anymore. Which is good,
>>IMO, as this setup really didn't belong in Options - but what do I use
>>instead? I can't seem to find a document language setting anywhere else,
>>and the Help page on this is apparently not updated.
>>- T
>I have Writer open and, using Tools /Options /Language Settings /Languages there
>is a box "For the current document only."  I have RC3, Mandrake Linux.  Regards.
On Fedora Core 4 and with "release" version via official update from
Fedora, this box is gone. Which I thought was a Good Thing when I
noticed it, as I always thought it represented quite horrible GUI design
and I'll be really disappointed if this hasn't been updated in version
2.0. But like I said, I can't find a replacement ;-)

Oh, and the actual language selection popups are also inactive and have
a "padlock" icon next to them...

- Toralf

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