Re: Re: [interface-announce] info/cws mav21 : new ::com::sun::star::io::XSeekableInputStream interface

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Re: Re: [interface-announce] info/cws mav21 : new ::com::sun::star::io::XSeekableInputStream interface

Mikhail Voitenko
Stephan Bergmann wrote:

> ---8<---
> published service SequenceInputStream : XSeekableInputStream
> {
>     /** allows to create a stream based on the sequence.
>      */
>     createStreamFromSequence( [in] sequence<byte> aData )
>         raises ( com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException );
> };
> ---8<---
> Under what circumstances would IllegalArgumentException be thrown?

You are right, it should not be thrown at all.
I was confused by internal usage of XInitialization::initialize() in
constructor implementation. But in case the generated by UNO constructor
generates the arguments list wrongly ( that sounds quite unlikely ) it
should handle the result exceptions itself.
I will remove the exception declaration.


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