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Jürgen Schmidt-3

a quick update, the Pootle server is back and the suggestion feature
seems to work as well.

But please let me do some further checks tomorrow and I will keep you
informed how we can cleanup the already made but probably obsolete

It was a real pain to found the problem on server that I haven't setup
and where a mix of different versions caused many trouble. I still have
to do some cleanup.

For now I am happy that the server is back ;-)


On 10/15/12 1:03 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:

> Hi,
> a quick update, infra has updated the Pootle VM to a newer system
> version which will hopefully solve our problems. But currently we have
> general Pootle problem after the upgrade where we are working on. I will
> keep you informed.
> Means Pootle is not yet available!
> Juergen
> On 10/10/12 11:09 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to give a short update about the Pootle server. I have
>> added further language (including Uyghur) to the Pootle server and will
>> add them on demand to the related AOO projects. Uyghur will be the first
>> one.
>> We still have 4 AOO related projects where
>> - OOo. Apache OpenOffice (Incubating)
>> - OOo_help, Apache OpenOffice (Incubating) Help Files
>> are obsolete and will be deleted as soon as possible.
>> We have to update some packages on the server and I am working with
>> infra on this. This will probably solve the currently not working
>> "suggestion" feature and hopefully also the problem that I can't delete
>> the obsolete projects.
>> I am very confident that we will have a working and usable Pootle server
>> quite soon. And that we can do more work via Pootle directly. Especially
>> minor changes or fixes.
>> I will keep you informed and we have to think how we can cleanup the
>> current available and made suggestions that most often are not longer
>> valid and already integrated. It make sense to clean this up ones the
>> feature is working.
>> I am also planning to setup a new project for the next release where I
>> expect some UI changes as well.
>> When everything is working it would be good if somebody would join me
>> with some maintaining stuff regarding Pootle and our projects. There is
>> room for improvements to streamline the back integration i our sources.
>> And I think we need a backup for me to ensure that we always can handle
>> important issues in time.
>> Juergen