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Robin Laing
Chad Smith wrote:

> On 11/4/05, Gregory Forster <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>Also, when you delete ALL OpenOffice (using Control
>>Panel/Add Remove software) and modify the registry,
>>don't forget about using Windows Explorer to delete
>>all the OpenOffice files in C:\Documents and
>>Settings\user\Application Data subdirectory, \user\
>>being your name. Then delete all the files in your
>>waste basket and reboot.
> <snip huge line of how to get rid of OOo "completely">
>>>After you've finished cleaning things up, try
> That's a lot of work to do. *is releaved I don't use Calc much.*
> -Chad Smith

Yea it is allot of work but as I found out, it is the same to remove
any windows installed program completely.  I took over a computer that
was used by someone else at my new job.  I had to delete over 4000
items from the registry for applications that were installed and
removed but "not completely" by the Windows installer.

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