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Alex Thurgood
Hi Jean,

> I was unaware of this planned fork, so the announcement came as a
> complete surprise to me. I knew that OOo had been talking about
> setting
> up a foundation for some years now, but had no idea this would
> happen.
> Perhaps I just don't pay enough attention!

No, I think this announcement will have surprised more than a few, myself included, when I received it this morning in my email box.

> At this point I have questions, but no answers. For example: where
> does
> the effort from OOoAuthors go now and in the future? to OOo or
> LibreOffice or both? What relation will the OOoAuthors docs have with
> LibreOffice? What impact will this have on OOo documentation
> generally?
> Indeed, what will happen with OOo generally (a bigger question, one
> that's been around since Oracle bought Sun)?

I had similar questions in response to the announcement on the French OOo discussion list. Others are springing to mind.

> I
> have not yet checked to see what, if any, licensing issues might get
> in
> the way.

From my understanding, any code is to be released under a LGPL v3 licence, possibly being replaced by MPL at a later date. As for the documentation licence, I couldn't find much information at the moment, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough.

I have been told that a copy of the current documentation and localisations has been made, but that of course is not the same thing as saying that it can/will be made available. Indeed, if, as I presume, Oracle is not yet a member of the Foundation (which seems to be the case if I'm interpreting the "Oracle has been invited..." phrase correctly), then there will possibly be issues with the use of the trademark in any and all strings, and which I believe is now currently owned by Oracle. This is also supported by the fact that the Foundation, in settling on LibreOffice, have deliberately chosen a different brand name for the product.

At present, the word "LibreOffice" does not appear in any of the databases of published trademark applications that I have looked at this morning.

To me, the announcement of the Foundation looks like an attempt to goad Oracle into some kind of response which has been lacking since Oracle took over the reins of the project from Sun.

It will be interesting to see how things develop.


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