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Paul D. Mirowsky
B Terramorse wrote:

> I have been trying to use 2.0, and there is a really big hurdle or missing
> feature for me (or is it a bug?):
> When using the sliders to change paragraph indents or margins, they do not
> snap to a grid or increment and are therefore impossible to use accurately.
> The only accurate way is to enter values into the dialog boxes. I have
> turned on Grid and Align to Grid in options to no avail.
> This is just awful, and I can't imaging committing to the product with the
> ability to snap to some logical increment, such as 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch, 0.1
> inch. Ideally the snap increment would be user-definable, like a CAD
> program. Doing layout, setting up paragraph styles and arranging documents
> is just not possible without it IMHO.
> MS Word 2000, where we stopped, does snap to 1/8" increments, and when you
> hold down the ALT key it disables the snap function, the slider moves freely
> and the dimension is graphically shown (like 1.38") - Very nice.
> I keep thinking this must be a bug - how could you design a graphics program
> (which most APP's is) without this ability. Can you tell that I am an
> Architect?
> Please add in! I'd love to switch, but this is a deal-breaker.
> Bill

I have been using Lotus WordPro for quite a few years and have learned
that a well developed paragraph style, either modifying the default or
adding a new one, gets rid of this problem.

The hard part for me was un-training what I used to click on.

This brings me to something that I am much interested in, and am not
sure is available in OOo.

As I understand it, sometimes 'tabs' are multiple spaces which is
different then entering an increment in a style (x,y-axis coordinant

On When changing ruler functions on a ruler such as tabs stops, a pop-up
asks "Do you want to change your style?".
        Yes -
                Would you Like to make a new style?
                Yes - Copies this style with change and asks for new name.
                No - changes all paragraphs of that style definition
        No - just change highlighted text.

If you ask this question, users will quickly understand what is
consistent for making less work for themselves.

If you are consitant in your writing form you will just about always say
"Yes" and reuse the defined/new style. While I haven't done a study on
this, I have done a few 60 page documents.

Default setting:
Ask pop-up question "Do you want to change your style?"
        No - Default setting: "Override style in ruler"
                Yes - always changes paragraph style in entire document
                No - always just change highlighted text.

WYSIWYG paragraph by paragraph editing does get the job done, but styles
do better if you persevere.

Thank you for doing what you do.


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