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Hi Fred,

Thanks for the info there. I tried both methods but there are slight
problems with both.

Method 1. Although the data is regenerated on the fly I still need to
drag the data down to the doc and then format the table afterwards every
time I open the document and the data has been updated. Is there anyway
that writer could automatically update the info in the table I already
have there?

Method 2. I dont know if this quite works as I need to create a row of
text boxes for every row my query returns - is this correct? Also if I
create multiple rows the data in the text box is just from the first row
in the query. Can I get it to generate multiple rows on the fly for each
row in the table.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Fred Frazelle wrote:

> Just open your Writer doc, click F4 to select the db window, open the
> db you want to use and select the query.  Pull the query into your
> Writer doc and you should get a table on your Writer doc.  Format al
> gusto.    Or, after selecting the db and the query, go to the bottom
> of the page of the Writer doc and select TextBox, place the cursor on
> the page and it turns into  a cross.  Make your TextBox and rightclick
> on it.  Go to Form on the menu which appears and select Data Tab.  In
> ContentType select Query,  Data source - your db name and Content, the
> name of your query.  Right click again on the control and select
> Control submenu this time.  Then select Data and the name of the field
> you wish to appear in this control.  Copy - paste this control as many
> times as you need to for the rest of your query.  Format al gusto.
>    Have a nice evening!   :-)
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