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Paul D. Mirowsky
Robbie Darrell Graham wrote:

> Daniel Kasak wrote:
>>Robbie Darrell Graham wrote:
>>>Let me first said I love what is happen in Open It about
>>>time  some one took on Microsoft the right way. But there needs to be
>>>some more work done. I think for some one who works in an office you
>>>need complete office suite with out have the following. Word Processing,
>>>Spreadsheets,Drawing,Database,Sideshows,Address book,Email,Scheduling
>>>all these program and data need to be easy to go between them.
>>All these applications already exist. I am posting this message from
>>Thunderbird - an open-source email client.
>>If you know about Thunderbird but choose not to use it, how about
>>helping out write an email client for OpenOffice? There are a lot of
>>people like yourself who keep asking for it - get all of them together
>>and it should be child's play :)
> Yes, I also use Thunderbird. But I would like to use something that was
> integrated into open office like Outlook is in Microsoft Office.

It sounds like all the base packages are there already.

The unifying software between them might be called Process Management.

The ability to use <Send> from OOWriter to Thunderbird from the Print
Menu while selecting the attached file format. OO or PDF or whatever.
This is already being done by some software.

The heavy duty cog is the part where all outbound/inbound is controlled
and tabled in history format.

When did you access something last, how many times, did you print a
version and mail it as well as fax it.

This version of Big Brother is quite helpful as long as the user remains
in control privately and already is a requirement for certain large
government/corporations. Hmmmm, Sarbanes-Oxeley anyone.

Organizer software is usually designed for the minimum of these
processes and wouldn't complain if was available.

Anyway, what 'is' is a pretty amazing.


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