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Rene Engelhard-7
On Thto) u, Sep 02, 2010 at 10:47:13AM +0430, Jan private wrote:
> Microsoft Visual C. Does this mean that I must use MSVC to compile my
> addon? That would be a BIG problem since I am using the GiNaC library
> wh ich does not exist in a MSVC version and does not willingly compile
> with it.

I believe that to stay binary-compatible (and you have to because you would
link to OpenOffice.orgs libraries) you won't find a way around this.

> Using Mingw/gcc would be easy.

The mingw32 port is quite fragile, and I don't think it's exactly

But that better should be on dev@porting mailinglist anyways.
(CC#ed, M-F-T set)



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