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Re: dictionaries distributed as extension with OOo 3.0 (Beta)

Ruud Baars

> I think in the long run it should be possible in the Writing-Aids dialog
> not to choose the language to use as it is right now but instead which
> dictionaries to use.
> And it should allow for more than dictionary per language.
> That way it would be easy to  have specialized dictionaries e.g. for
> medical or scientific purposes and the user could choose if he wants to
> use them or not.

Right, I agree.

> Another thing that would be possible is to introduce exception
> dictionaries and thus providing a list of words that should never be
> regarded as correct and replacement suggestions for those words.

It would be nice (better) for proof-reading to be able to signal 'correct
but unlikely' words and 'undesired' words.

Some words are only correct in combinations (e.g. pro deo), but here we
are at the border of spell checking and grammar checking, the way they are
implemented now.


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