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Forwarding your offer and suggestion to the lingucomponent project.
If you join the list there, you will find a group interested in
programmers and others. The URL for the list is on this page:


j*s wrote:

> Hi-
> I started keeping track of words that I knew not the meaning of back in my university days of
> 1959.  And slowly I kept adding more words as the years passed.  It was a laborious task of using
> a loose leaf notebook.  But with the advent of computers and me buying a laptop in 1998, the task
> became more productive.  And, thus, I now have a small! dictionary of only difficult words:
> Difficnary (copyright).
> Using any Word program, I find certain limitations.  The Thesaurus  option does NOT give word
> meanings.  Nor can I search for a word knowing only its partial meaning.   And it lacks many
> difficult words and foreign phrases.   So, after editing my growing Difficnary to just one line
> meanings, I started to use the Word FIND command to search for words or meanings in Difficnary
> itself.  This method and Difficnary could be an addition to any electronic Word application.
> For example:
> if one has an electronic copy of Difficnary and uses the Edit command FIND, then one can seek on a
> key meaning (e.g., “slave”) and find its words whose one-line definition includes “slave”:
> chattel -n. slave; bondsman; belongings
> coffle -n. a slave caravan
> esne -n. a domestic slave
> helot -n. slave; serf
> manumission -n. formal liberation of a slave
> manumit -v. to release from slavery; to free as a slave
> thrall -n. a slave; bondman
> I’ve also included in Difficnary many mythology god names and foreign phrases that caught my
> interest.
> I am not a programmer, but I think it would be easy to add (for free) Difficnary word base to your
> Word product: a "Find-by-Meaning".  And its word base could be expanded as users themselves add
> more words with one-line definitions.
> Any interest?
> John S  
> j*s

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