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Jonathon Blake
Michael wrote:
> > Other than miscalculating the date of Easter, it works correctly with
> > both the standard Julian Calender, and standard Gregorian Calender.
> > [I'd file an issue here, but it gets into theology, and the feast of
> > the Apostles.

That should be "Fast of the Apostles", not "Feast of the Apostles".

> What feast of the apostles?

I made a typo there.  "Fast of the Apostles", which starts on
WhitMonday and ends on the Feast day of St Peter and St Paul. There is
a thirteen day difference between when they start, and when they end,
depending upon whether one uses the Gregorian, or Julian Calender.
[There is also a political/theological issue about whether or not
Meletius IV had the authority to change the calendar.]

>Easter is pagan based.

The evidence supporting this claim is somewhat dubious.[One datapoint
to use in illustraing the dubious nature of this claim, is to ask
which of the competing theories of pagan origins are being claimed

>It is the first Sunday following the full moon, following the autumn equinox.

Yes, and no.  [I said this gets into theology.]

For Orthodox Christianity, the simple rule set is:
* Easter is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the
Vernal Equinox as seen from Jerusalem;
* If that date is the same date as the Jewish Passover, it is moved to
the following Sunday;
For the Julian Calender, this is the only legitimate rule set.

For Protestant Christianity, the rule set is:
* Easter is the first Sunday after the Full Moon after the
Ecclesiastical equinox.

For Catholic Christianity, the simple rule set is:
* Easter occurs on a sunday;
* This Sunday must fall after the fourteenth day of the Paschal Moon;
* The Paschal Moon falls on, or after the Vernal Equinox;
* The Vernal Equinox falls on the 21 March;

For Celtic Christiantiy, Easter is defined as 14 Nissan;

Both Dutch, and British Law define Easter as being:the first Sunday
after the second Saturday of April. [In both instances, the law goes
into effect with the consent of the state church.]

Vatican II defined Easter as being the Second Sunday of April; [This
was to go into effect with the consent of Orthodox Christianity.]

I'll skip the rest of the rule sets, since they are either obscure
(EG: Epihany), or extremely complicated (EG: The 84 year cycle rule

I'll also skip how 14 Nissan is calcualted.  [Three different rule
sets can be used.]

>If OO.o can calculate full moons, please tell me how.

a) There is a function in Calc that calculates the date of Easter
according to the rule set of the Anglican Church.

b) It is possible to create a formula to determine when the full moon
occurs, using Calc.  I've seen two OOo spreadsheets that calculate a
fairly complete astrological chart.


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