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Marcus (OOo)
Am 29.12.18 um 15:17 schrieb Peter Kovacs:

> I would like to get rid of the Resolution "NOT_AN_OOO_ISSUE". This
> leaves people angry and it is annoying to Copy paste or just rewrite
> always the same stuff.
> So I wonder if we could add a component user support, and allocate the
> users list to it. With that we have a broader community looking at those
> help requests, and handle them like every other Issue. Also maybe the
> barrier between developers/testers and user support gets reduced a bit.
> If it is a bug someone can simply change the component and we can check
> for reproducibility. Instead of NOT_AN_ISSUE I would like to have FIXED
> by workaround or something similar.

I cannot belief that all (or the most) users are really angry / annoyed
/ disappointed. Can you proof that?

The resolution was created to make it visible that the reported issue
has its source not in OpenOffice. It has nothing to do with user
support. Maybe it's often used for this but this was/is not intended.

Sorry but I don't like the idea to delete a resolution because of
unsatisfied users.

We can create a new product with a default component and put the users@
mailing list as assignee. But IMHO this wouldn't change the root problem:

An issue tracker is the wrong channel for users when they have howto
questions or support requests. Here we need to think how this can be

My 2 ct.


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