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Louis Suárez-Potts-3
Hi Jan,

On 12-10-16, at 12:22 , jan iversen <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Finally I have finished describing the current process, and also combining
> all the notes on open issues I could find.
Thanks. A lot of work. Last it was dealt with was probably (prior to Apache's advent) back in…. I hate to say, "last century."

> Please have a look at:

> and
> I hope we can have a discussion on the "open issues", and then I will make
> a design document for a changed workflow.
> I look forward to hear your opinion, either through wiki or mail. These
> comments will be worked into the document.
> have a nice day.
> jan I

I'll go over it. Usually, as others no doubt will mention, my impression is that a big issue has always been qualifying the outcome, incorporating input, and normalizing it, so that what happens in, say, January, can be expected to continue on into the future.

A sidle point has perhaps also do with working with the LibreOffice team—and others working using similar strings, e.g., those nice people at that Mozilla project, among others. Under the Sun regime, licensing issues foreclosed that option. I'd hate to think we are still hobbled by political considerations and that these undercut the terrific enterprise of people like you.