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Shaun McDonald wrote:

> Hello,
> At the moment there are a number of issues with the current language
> packs for Some platforms such as Mac OS X don't have
> language packs, instead they only have full installsets. The language
> packs currently have to be built on each platform individually. This
> means extra compilation time and extra storage on the mirror network
> since essentially the same localisation data is packaged into a
> different package for every platform.
> I have a proposal for dramatically improving the current situation.
> Let's have cross-platform language packs. This will mean that the
> language packs will be built once, and can then be used on ANY platform.
> This will save build time, especially when a builder can just use their
> fastest machine, instead of having to do it once per platform. This will
> free up developer and builder time, as well as space on the mirror network.
> With this change I'm looking at implementing a simple user installation
> of language packs, similar to what has just been added to
> 2.2 for extensions. This would enable platform integration for the
> language pack installation. We could possibly go as far as Firefox and
> deploy language packs in a very similar way to extensions. We could even
> have the option to install language packs just for one user or for all
> users of the installation. If the platform supports it, a server
> deployed location for the language packs should be possible.
> This is just an idea, it needs more development before implementation.
> No implementation testing has been done yet. An initial idea check for
> daftness has been completed, which is why this mail is going out. I'm
> looking to see if there are any foreseeable problems with this proposal,
> and whether there is backing from the whole community.
> Shaun
> P.S.
> I'm not subscribed to all the lists that Pavel Janik suggested to send
> this idea to.

I am thinking in similar directions lately
  However, both native, per-platform installation formats and the
platform-independent OOo extension format have their relative merits
compared with one another.  Anyway, I would be happy if we could get
ahead in this area.

We should probably converge on a single mailing list for further
discussions (I personally only read two of them, dev@extensions and
dev@installation, of which the latter did not receive the OP?), how
about dev@extensions?


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