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Peter B. West-2

László would be the one to answer that. The original program that was
used to generate hyphenation pattern files is PATGEN. If I recall
correctly, he has a modified version that handles spelling
modifications. How extensive is the list of modified words in Dutch?

In the past, the only way TeX was able to handle re-spelling
hyphenations was for the author to include specific "discretionary
hyphens" in the text. It could not be done automatically. Does the 1995
list provide for re-spelling?


r.j.baars wrote:

> Peter,
> Thanks for the info. Seems rather complex to me.
> I would expect any of these programs to just accept an input list of
> words with correct hyphenations in some format like:
> botsautootjes: bots-au-too=to-tjes, generating all possibilites for the
> word.
> Is there a format like this? In that case, i could rater easily generate
> one ...
> By the way, ther is already an existing pattern file for 'old' (1995
> standard) Dutch. It's already used in Dutch OOO and Tex.
> You can also find it at
> Ruud
> Peter B. West schreef:
>> r.j.baars wrote:
>>> Most of the time, hyphenation is 'just' inserting a dash. But not
>>> always.
>>> For Dutch breaking botsautootje is correct like bots-autootje and
>>> botsauto-tje, the latter one by modificating the word.
>>> The same happens in words like geïnd, which should be
>>> hyphenated(presented) as ge-ind.
>>> I can think of two ways to handle these situations :
>>> 1) stopping the hyphenations at these locations (simple but not elegant)
>>> 2) modifying the word during hyphenation, but keeping the 'normal' form
>>> for recovery while editing the text (elegant but difficult).
>>> Is modification of a word while hyphenating it already supported in some
>>> way?
>>> If not, is it somwhere in the feature request list or planning?
>>> Could anyone please inform me on this topic? I would like to know before
>>> investing effort in starting recalibration of the Dutch hyphenation,
>>> which could be necessary because rules for compounding have changed.
>>> Thanks.
>>> R.J. Baars
>>> (member of
>> Modification while hyphenation *is* already supported, notably in
>> Hungarian. László Németh will no doubt respond to you here. See hunspell
>> <> and László's paper for TUGboat
>> <>.
>> I'm interested because I support a Java hyphenation module, HyFo
>> <> which also supports
>> modification during hyphenation, and I need the definitions for Dutch,
>> preferably both new and previous versions. I would much appreciate
>> access to the hyphenation data you develop.

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