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Andreas Bille
Hello Felipe,
there is currently neither an implementation nor a spec for an UCB
locking API around, however, a brief description about what's wanted you
may already find in this newsgroup, in the thread
"contributing UCB project" from 26 Jun 2005, there especially the
entries from Kai ( )
and Mathias previous to Kai's in that thread.

Reading that documentation - especially also the specification for the
WebDAV locking API - would be a great starting point for contributions
in that area.


Felipe Arcos wrote:

> Hello, my name is felipe arcos from colombia, i want to contribute like a
> developer to the openoffice project, but i not sure in which request begin,
> i think that may be i can contribute in *Design and implement a UCB
> Resource
> Locking API *because i have knowing of C++ programming.
> a little description of my profile is: experience with c++, .net and java
> projects. i am a MCT, MCSD .NET, SCJP and SCBCD too.
> I really want to contribute so i will be tunned for instructions.
> Regards,
> Felipe Arcos Velez.
> (Sorry if my english redaction has errors, but my native language is
> spanish)

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