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Scott Carr
Welcome to the project Pui-Lam, if we can help, we are here for you my

G. Roderick Singleton wrote:

> On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 11:55 +0100, Charles-H.Schulz wrote:
>> Hello Gerry, hello Scott, hello Pui-Lam,
>> I wished to connect all of you. Gerry, Scott, I'd like to introduce you
>> to Pui-Lam Wong. Pui-Lam Wong is the respected lead of the Chinese
>> Native-Language community, one of our well established member and old
>> founded project inside ( The
>> chinese community, and Pui-Lam Wong in particular, who lives in
>> Vancouver Canada, provides builds, content, and documentation for both
>> traditionnal and simplified Chinese.
> Ni-how-ma?  Well that is my Chinese for the day :-)  As you may or may
> not know, we, the doc project, link to yours from
> What we do not have is the proper
> font for either Chinese. Perhaps you could give us this?
>> It's been a few years since this project has written some nice end-user
>> documentation available on . In fact, I even linked to
>> it in the NLC section of the IOSN web site as it was of clear interest
>> and help there.
>> A few months (weeks?) ago, Pui-Lam Wong, who was looking for a better
>> collaboration  platform for writing documentation, heard of OOoAuthors
>> by some folks (including maybe somebody from Sun). I explained to
>> Pui-Lam Wong briefly the uncertainties and problems caused not by
>> OOoAuthors itself but by its creators and the licensing problems. I also
>> told Pui-Lam that if a wiki was just what he needed, the OOo wiki may be
>> useful.
>> But Pui-Lam, and that's the reason of my mail, also told me that he
>> didn't know how to contribute and submit documentation to the
>> Documentation project.
> Contributing is no more difficult on docs than for any other project.
> You join, you subscribe to [hidden email] and from
> there everything is relatively straight forward. We tend to use issues
> for anything that goes on the main site but a few have roles that allow
> access via CVS probably similar to what you already have on zh.
>> Pui-Lam, Gerry and Scott will explain you what to do. They are long time
>> friends and OOo contributors.
>> Folks, please let me know if I can help you with anything.
> Since you are on PST and I am on EST (same country), we can probably
> continue this evening.

Scott Carr
Documentation Co-Lead

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